(( An AU RP blog for Demon!Jo. Also partial personal blog. There will be other things posted besides Supernatural. Just a fair warning.~ ))

READ Jo has been given, through a magic anon, the choice between two bodies. Her old, female body, and her current male body (FC Cam Gigandet). She will use either one depending on my mood.
Currently in her female body

Okay, here's how things go.
I died, fighting with Sam and Dean Winchester against Lucifer and his demons. Fighting the Apocalypse.
As fate would have it, I went down under when I died. I don't know what I did wrong, and quite honestly, I don't care.
I came back with half my soul that of a demon, and the other half human. The demon was... like a second personality to me. She wanted control, and she wanted to hurt people.
A friend helped me lock her away, but I knew it wouldn't last. I just didn't know how to make a permanent fix.
I got a curse from one of those pesky magic anons, and I couldn't wait it out, so I went down stairs again to visit...and old friend, the only person who could break the curse. And he did.
He also did something else for me. He merged the two half of my soul, so now, I'm a full demon, but I've still got control of myself. I've still got my conscience and I can still think for myself.
Honestly? It was a small price to pay to get my life back. And I would've done what I did, whether he fixed me or not.


Back In The Saddle Again || Dean > Jo > Cas


It had taken him hours of driving to make it this far. All based on rumours that he had heard through various hunters in bars he had snuck in to. It honestly amazed him how many of them could not sniff out a vampire amongst them, though he did blend in well, he knew that. He prided himself on his ability to seem like ‘one of the guys’, even though he was no longer human.

After taking a short break to piss and stretch his legs he stood on the side of the road, leaning against the side of the impala. Eying sign saying welcome to whatever hell hole he was about to enter he lets out a slight grunt.

It was black out, the night was still young and he had to get into town and find shelter for when morning came. An abandoned building, a hotel, something. While daylight might not kill him, it would put a damper on his energy and he did not want to be stranded in town and vulnerable when the sun came up. 

Sighing he took a long drag from the cigarette in his mouth blowing the smoke out in one drawn out breath. Dropping the butt on the ground he stamped it out before moving to enter his car once more. 

Once inside he heads into town, looking around quietly. He had heard rumours of a certain angel being around the area. Though with his luck he was gone again, they moved fast after all…

It had honestly been too long since he saw the angel, and from what he had heard his friend was with him as well. He had not seen Castiel or Jo since before the accident that made him a vampire. His showing up…was probably going to be a surprise to them.

Both of them did not expect him to be a vampire after all.

As he sat in silence thinking, all he could do was hope that maybe this time his prayers would make it to the angels ears. Murmuring the angels name under his breath he closed his eyes for only one moment, letting out a low sigh as he drove along.


Jo looked up at the sky, biting her lip slightly. The thought was still there in the back of her mind. The thought to call Michael down and fix what she’d done - but then she glanced at the angel next to her and it was wiped from her mind. Both because she was afraid that he would be able to tell that she was still considering it, and because she couldn’t forget the way he’d looked when he told her that he needed her. When he told her that she couldn’t leave him.

A look like that on an Angel’s face was more heartbreaking then anything she had ever remembered. Her eyes flickered back down to the side-walk in front of them, reaching out almost unthinkingly and taking Castiel’s hand. She wasn’t even sure where they were walking. Or why they were walking. They were just…going.

And she was even more unaware of the coming surprise that awaited.