(( An AU RP blog for Demon!Jo. Also partial personal blog. There will be other things posted besides Supernatural. Just a fair warning.~ ))

READ Jo has been given, through a magic anon, the choice between two bodies. Her old, female body, and her current male body (FC Cam Gigandet). She will use either one depending on my mood.
Currently in her female body

Okay, here's how things go.
I died, fighting with Sam and Dean Winchester against Lucifer and his demons. Fighting the Apocalypse.
As fate would have it, I went down under when I died. I don't know what I did wrong, and quite honestly, I don't care.
I came back with half my soul that of a demon, and the other half human. The demon was... like a second personality to me. She wanted control, and she wanted to hurt people.
A friend helped me lock her away, but I knew it wouldn't last. I just didn't know how to make a permanent fix.
I got a curse from one of those pesky magic anons, and I couldn't wait it out, so I went down stairs again to visit...and old friend, the only person who could break the curse. And he did.
He also did something else for me. He merged the two half of my soul, so now, I'm a full demon, but I've still got control of myself. I've still got my conscience and I can still think for myself.
Honestly? It was a small price to pay to get my life back. And I would've done what I did, whether he fixed me or not.